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Jul. 25th, 2015 03:38 pm
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Name: Jiora
Contact: jiora@plurk or jiora.taltian at gmail
Other Characters: n/a

Character Name: Hitachiin Kaoru
Age: 15
Canon: Ouran Highschool Hostclub
Canon Point: Manga: following Hikaru dying his hair black.
Character Information: Bam

Personality: Kaoru is one of a set of twins who are incredibly similar, even in personalty! Together they both are notorious mischief makers who love playing pranks on anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths (friend and stranger alike) and pursue anything they want or like with no care at all for other people. (So long as no serious harm is actually being done, that is. They do have limits!) Both are also fiercely protective and possessive of things or people that are "theirs" as well, and they'll always care for each other the most.

However! Kaoru displays some of these traits in a way different than his brother, and he has a number of traits all his own. For example, even something as simple as their mischief making is an area where differences can shine. Kaoru handles the bulk of the planning and strategizing for the more complex schemes they get up to. He works out all the fine details to ensure plans go off without a hitch, working out how to manipulate their marks into acting just as they want them to. It's a talent that he uses in other areas too! For example, using his extensive knowledge of the kind of person his brother is to try to manipulate him into growing separately from him so that he can become more of an individual and recognize romantic feelings he has for Haruhi. Of course, part of that plan involved making Hikaru believe he hated him, but hey! It was for his own good. :)

Manipulation doesn't end with pranks or attempting serious changes at the way he and his brother live their lives though. He often employs it for simple things like getting a friend to spend the day with them; things that could be accomplished simply by asking. Basically, while he can be blunt and direct about things like how unfashionable someone is, or how ridiculous he thinks they're behaving, when it comes to asking for things he wants from them it just strikes him as easier to trick them into doing it. Because he's been disappointed by people for so long (re: never being able to differentiate between the twins) he has trouble assuming anyone will live up to any expectations or hopes he might have. Manipulation just comes more naturally to him.

Kaoru also tends to ignore his own needs in favor of the people most important to him. In canon this is really just Hikaru and maybe veeeerry occasionally another member of the club. When he tries to trick his brother into separating from him it isn't really what he wants, but what he thinks Hikaru needs, for example. Thinking in terms of what he wants for himself is just something he has difficulty doing without prompting.

Finally, he's also the more restrained and considerate of the two brothers. It certainly isn't that he likes people more than his brother. Not at all! He's just more socially and emotionally mature than Hikaru is and uses those skills to their mutual benefit. If a prank is getting out of control, it's likely Kaoru who gives a signal to pull things back into line. If they've genuinely offended a friend, it's Kaoru who pushes for his brother to calm down and apologize. He keeps their antics from crossing into truly unforgivable behavior and at the same time works to gently guide his brother into growing into a more functional person, bit by bit.

5-10 Key Character Traits: Mischevious, duplicitous, self-assured, deeply loyal, caring, scheming, fabulous, shameless, sparkly, means well (sometimes)
Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, or EITHER? FITS
Opt-Outs: Nymph, goblin, demon, gargoyle, shade

Roleplay Sample: Some of these samples involve both Kaoru and Hikaru. Kaoru's journal is crueltobekind, and Hikaru's is pitching. Additionally both samples are from team-based games. The second sample is almost entirely with his teammates in the game.
An old post!
And a thread following the aftermath of an event.
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HI it is time for another one of these. Ask me stuff about anything you like relating to rp--my reasons for doing things, character hot or nots, plans for the future, etc. Whatever you like! Then I will ask you a question in turn and we'll go round and round until one of us gets bored and forgets this exists.

Current characters are:
Briar and Brill in Aather
Kaoru, Ghoulkudera, Alphonse, Havoc, and Shiemi in Court
Hitachiin Kaoru
Name Hitachiin Kaoru (crueltobekind, Ouran High School Host Club)
Rank Clubs
LIVING Alternates between his store and Mikogami's place
SILVER idk he runs a clothing store. he has silver.

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES Tall, red-headed, stupidly attractive and slender—well. Actually he's definitely on the underweight side of things . . . Time in Decollage was not good to him. He also always, always wears long sleeves and pants to hide some pretty extensive scarring, and the way he holds and carries himself is much more nervous and wary than the confident carefree attitude he has in canon.
☆ Flirting $
☆ Honesty (with those he trusts; doesn't know this part) $$$♥
☆ Crossdressing $$♥
☆ Bondage (inflicting) $♥♥♥
☆ Budgeting $$

★ Sensory deprivation ♥♥♥
★ Bondage (receiving) $$$♥
★ Costumes $$
★ Self defense training ♥♥♥
★ Acting in self defense $$$$

This version of Kaoru also has a persona (ala the Persona video game series). Said persona has ice attacks and some heal spells!

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So, have your opinions changed any now that you've had more time to think?
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Since you've had more time to think things over now, have your opinions about the other teams changed any?
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I can't remember how long it's been since the last time I did one of these, so that's a good sign it's time for another. Ask me anythiiiing characterization/playstyle/etc-wise! This goes both for my Aather and Deco sets.

In Aather I have Anri, Briar, and Jack Frost. There's also my persona, Brill!

In Deco I just have Kaoru and that jerk with too many aliases (Gokudera).
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Memory: Kyouya's fiance. From here to here.
Gained: Day 205, Green Knight
Form: Cookies (1/5)
Bonus: n/a

The dreaded otaku appears!! )

Memory: Hikaru is an idiot: Take 2. From here through to the end of the chapter.
Gained: Day 206, Mr. Right
Form: Gold "you tried" sticker
Bonus: n/a

Bro what kind of loser jerk are you :( )

Memory: Tamaki is the most hilarious failure. From here to here.
Gained: Day 206, Mira
Form: Cluster of mini-apples (7/7)
Bonus: n/a

Seriously that's just sad )

Memory: I'm helping! \:D/ I am a helper! From here to here
Gained: Day 208, Malificent
Form: Black thorned rose (1/5)
Bonus: n/a

Wait am I supposed to be breaking up with him '-' )
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Memory: Kyouya is a good friend :) From here to here.
Gained: Day 202, Firebird
Form: Tiny golden cage with 7 tiny peridot birds inside. (6/7)
Bonus: Post-game plurk

A little friendly blackmail never hurt anyone! )
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Memory: "Kyouya's kind of cute . . ." From here to here.
Gained: Starter
Form: N/A
Bonus: N/A

Glasses are hot )


Dec. 1st, 2012 11:10 pm
Name ??? // Hitachiin Kaoru
Age 15/15
Team Peridot!

Height/Build 5'9"/175cm and shoujo average (slender but v. fit)
Hair Color/Eye Color Red/Gold
Notable Traits EXACT COPY OF HIKARU/DRAGONFLY but without Dragonfly's tattoos (which are minimally visible so most people may miss that in the first place).

Other naw


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